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In this digital learning experience, students will try to run a successful creative agency in the city of Las Vegas. It requires no student pre-work and minimal faculty preparation is required. 

UHYPEIT is a 21-day digital learning experience

UHYPEIT is 100% free to professors & students

UHYPEIT is available for on-campus or online classes

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Please check out our frequently asked questions below for the answers you are looking for. If you are unable to find what you need, feel free to contact us directly using our online chat tool, or via email at

How long is the experience?

UHYPEIT is a 21-day digital learning experience for college students

What is the cost?

The experience is 100% free to professors and students

Can I choose my own start date?

Professors can choose their start date during sign-up

How can I schedule a phone call?

Contact us at — we’d love to hear from you

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to professors and students?

The biggest question we get is about the cost of our digital learning experience. The experience is 100% free to professors and students. We are a privately funded creative studio of designers, builders, data scientists, storytellers and innovative thinkers dedicated to the advancement of learning by developing digital learning experiences, which take students beyond the textbooks,
lectures and exams.

What information will you need from me to initiate the simulation set up for my class?

Simply fill out the form at the top of this page using your .edu email address. Once we receive your information, you will receive a link to register your class.

Can I register multiple classes? If so, how do I monitor them separately?

Yes, a professor can run our experience in multiple classes. Each class will have a different leaderboard and private link to access completed assignments and track student performance.

Can students work in groups or teams?

Yes, our experience is specifically designed for students to participate individually (Solo Mode) or in a team of two students (Duos Mode). These two options will ensure all students complete each lesson and contribute equally to their own level of success.

What is the best way to roll out the experience to students?

After you register your class and choose your start date, you will be given access to an introduction page for students with the following information:


  • Experience Overview
  • Introduction Video
  • Frequently Ask Questions
  • Technical Support Information

How do I track student performance?

Professors and students will have access to our real-time leaderboard that tracks progress and adds a layer of competition to the experience. Professors will also have a private link with access to view all completed assignments from students.

Are students provided with daily deadlines?

Students must complete the assignments within each lesson before they can move on to the next lesson. The experience is designed to be flexible for students, but we provide a “suggested” timeline that demonstrates how to stay on track during the experience.

Our system will alert an individual student or team if they fall behind in assignments.

What type of technical support is provided to students?

Technical support hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm (Eastern Time) via our live chat feature or email.

A team member is also available via email on the weekends for technical support from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Eastern Time).

How are individual assignments scored or graded?

This is a client-agency experience, with UHYPEIT acting as the client and students as the agency. As each deliverable (assignment) is completed, it is scored within 24 hours. There may be times we ask students for revisions to improve assignment scores.


  • Students can track assignment scores in their dashboard
  • Students and professors can track performance on our real-time leaderboard

What is the suggested weight of the simulation with regards to the student’s final semester grade?

This is up to each professor, but the weight of the simulation typically ranges from 10% to 25% of the total semester grade.

What have other professors thought about this experience?

While UHYPEIT Las Vegas is NEW for the fall 2020 semester, our previous experiences have been featured in universities across the country. Here is just some of the feedback we have received about our previous digital learning experiences…

“This experience has been a tremendous success at Virginia Tech within our marketing classes. Through this program, we have effectively translated theory to application and created a community of students who have seamlessly worked together to build a brand, a definite MUST in every college” – Associate Professor of Practice Marketing, Virginia Tech College of Business

“This experience was a great avenue for learning. Students were excited about this real-world experience” – Lecturer, School of Business Administration, UCR

How can I request a demo?

Our /OVERVIEW page serves as our demo and gives you a guided tour of the experience with lots of information and several screenshots to familiarize yourself with the simulation.

If you have more questions not found on this page or the /SIGN-UP page, please feel free to contact us anytime. Drop us a line on our /CONTACT page – we’d love to hear from you.

We are happy our digital learning experiences have been featured at these forward-thinking universities

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