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A 21-Day digital learning experience for college students, featuring an engaging storyline and collaborative framework meant to establish a positive classroom culture.

From Theory to Practice

In this highly interactive digital learning experience, students start a boutique marketing agency, producing compelling, insight-driven ideas that generate real-world results. From creative, rapid ideation to full-scale execution, students must craft their company’s own brand identity while working with their simulated client to build brand equity.


We’ve Got Your Students Covered…

Marketing Principles

Apply marketing strategy & principles in a time-sensitive environment as they develop a marketing plan for a Las Vegas resort

Consumer Behavior

Develop abilities to apply consumer behavior concepts to marketing problems within the Las Vegas marketplace

Brand Management

Students will learn to establish brand identity, formulate effective brand strategies and build brand equity

Critical Thinking

Demonstrate a high proficiency of critical thinking through interpretation, evaluation, and presentation of marketing concepts

Design Thinking

Students develop a strong understanding of the Design Process and how it can be applied in a variety of business settings

Business Concepts

Develop skills and insights for evaluating, articulating, refining, and pitching a new initiative within an existing company

Services Marketing

Make strategic recommendations and persuasively communicate your ideas and rationale

Creative Advertising

Students will be introduced to frameworks and practices on content creation and strategy and analyzing its performance

We’re “all-in” on education!

We are passionate about students, educators, and brands. We believe collaboration is the most essential ingredient in the success of education. We’re going “all-in” to engage students through a compelling platform, to create a unique learning experience and drive participation. By combining rich data, engaging storylines, and robust technologies, we are forging relationships with educators and students in the classroom.

We Make it Easy to Track Student’s Performance

Students will make a variety of creative decisions for several new “resort offerings”:  Salon & Spa, Tattoo Mega-Studio, or Nightclub. Their work will have a major impact on brand identity and driving sales through strategy, creativity, and collaboration. Successful students will carefully consider the impact of their marketing plan — and whether it is aligned with their overall strategy.



The Posh Hotel & Casino’s more than $150 million worth of additions and renovations include a new 10,000-square-foot tattoo mega-studio, and a new luxurious salon & spa.  Students will hear from the CEO explaining the task at hand.

Success Stories

While UHYPEIT is new for 2020, here is what people are saying about our previous experiences featured in universities across the country…

“I had so much fun and wish all courses had projects like this!” said BGSU junior Emma Sales. She was referencing the marketing class project where students launched a record label in the classroom.”  This was part of Dr. Greg Rich’s Introduction to Marketing (MKT 3000) course.

Emma Sales

Junior, BGSU

“I was happy with how the project went and felt that it was a great fit for the course.” He added, “I was thrilled with how hard the students worked.”

Dr. Greg Rich

Professor, BGSU

“My favorite part of the experience was the hands-on element and how well it correlated with the previous lecture materials.  Additionally, I enjoyed getting to be a self-starter and figure out what works and what doesn’t.”

Caitlyn Menicucci

Senior, BGSU

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What happens in Vegas, will stay with your students forever!